Tuesday, April 15, 2008

TRAC: Web-Based Project Management System

Trac is a web based project managment and issues/bugs tracking System. Trac is written in the Python programming language. This Open Source Software is developed by Edgewall Software. Trac is available under the modified BSD License. If this does not fullfill your requirements, you could make changes, write plugins according to your needs. It can be used as a web interface to a version control system, like Subversion.

Some Features of Trac:

Trac Wiki: Trac has a built-in wiki, used for text and documentation throughout the project. It allows users to editing text easier and allows people to contribute text content for a project.

Trac Ticket System: Tickets are used to assign project tasks to developers. Tickets deals with bug reports, features requests, and support issues.

Trac Reports: It provides reporting facility for current status of tickets of the project.

Trac Timeline: It allows to view the project progress in a single report. It provides all the events in order, description of each event, and who is working on these events.

Trac Repository Browser: Trac Repository is Version Control System. Using this we can browse Directories and files stored in the repository of the configured version control system.

Trac Roadmap: It allows to view ticket system in a way that can help to manage the project in a better way in the future.

Email Notification of Ticket Changes: Trac provides supports for notification about ticket through emails. This facility keep developers up-to-date on tickets.


Khurram Ali said...

Just wanted to share our demo which illustrates the power of integration through open source:


Ozair Kafray said...
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Ozair Kafray said...

The demo wiki is now placed here: