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is a free and open source modular framework and content management system (CMS) written in the programming language PHP. Like many modern CMSs, Drupal allows the system administrator to create and organize content, customize the presentation, automate administrative tasks, and manage site visitors and contributors.

Drupal is sometimes described as a "Content Management Framework" as its capabilities extend from content management to enabling a wide range of services and transactions. Although Drupal does offer a sophisticated programming interface, basic web site installation and administration can be accomplished with no programming.

Drupal core

The official release of Drupal, known as "Drupal core", contains basic features common to most CMSs. These include the ability to register and maintain individual user accounts, administration menus, RSS-feeds, customizable layout, flexible account privileges, logging, a blogging system, an Internet forum, and options to create a classic "brochureware" Web site or an interactive community Web site.

Core modules

Drupal core also includes "core modules" which can be enabled by the administrator to extend the stock functionality of the core Web site. The core Drupal distribution provides a number of features, including: Access statistics and loggingAdvanced search functionsCaching and feature throttling for improved performance under loadComments, forums, and pollsDescriptive URLs (for example, "" rather than "")Multi-level menu systemMulti-user content creation and editingOpenID supportRSS Feed and Feed AggregatorSecurity/new release update notificationUser profilesVarious access control restrictions (user roles, IP addresses, email)Workflow tools (Triggers and Actions)

Core themes

The color editor being used to adjust the "Garland" core theme Drupal core includes several "core themes", which customize the aesthetic look-and-feel of the site. These themes can be chosen by the administrator via a special menu. The Color Module, introduced in Drupal core 5.0, allows administrators to change the color scheme of certain themes via a Web-browser interface. This feature was added to allow a higher level of customization for the average non-coder.

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