Thursday, March 12, 2009

Secure our Joomla webs from Hackers

As we know that 'Joomla' is really amazing open source product for web development but as far as security is concern like others we may not rely on 'Joomla'.

Some days ago a website of someone was hacked that was built using 'Joomla' but thanks to allmighty Allah that issue have resolved. This is one case that I know but may be many organization have faced or facing such type of problems. So I thought to search about this problem and finally I found some blueprints from this web is also by 'Joomla' for their clients who use 'Joomla'. Although in this site they define each and every issue that concerns with security of 'Joomla' and other webs but the key points are mentioned as below.

I hope it will be helpful for developers specially who are using 'Joomla' for developing their webs.

  1. Use the latest version of Joomla.
  2. Use only secure third party plugins and also keep them updated.
  3. Use secure username and password for administrators.
  4. Use an SEF (Search Engine Friendly) component that makes your Joomla more secure.
  5. Use a secure web host / secure server configuration.
  6. Don’t tell everyone about your configuration.
  7. Write-protect your Joomla configuration file (make unwriteable).
  8. Delete Joomla templates that you do not use.

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Nasir Ali Shah said...

It is great to shared knowledge here..

It will definately helpfull for us.