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SOAP is an XML-based messaging protocol. It defines a set of rules for structuring messages that can be used for simple one-way messaging but is particularly useful for performing RPC-style (Remote Procedure Call) request-response dialogues. It is not tied to any particular transport protocol though HTTP is popular. Nor is it tied to any particular operating system or programming language so theoretically the clients and servers in these dialogues can be running on any platform and written in any language as long as they can formulate and understand SOAP messages. As such it is an important building block for developing distributed applications that exploit functionality published as services over an intranet or the internet.

Server Side:

As is the case with any client-server paradigm, in the world of web services there are web service providers and web service consumers. Server-Side SOAP is a tutorial which deals with how to build and provide web services using Apache SOAP. We will cover the details of the technology for consuming web services when we work through SOAP on the Client-Side.

Client Side:

Client-Side SOAP is a multi-part tutorial with the aim of introducing you to some of the technologies available for writing clients that consume web services using SOAP.

For detail information:
Follow the link http://www.soapuser.com/index.html

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