Saturday, August 1, 2009

jQuery: Working with Checkboxes

In jQuery sometime you have to work with checkboxes. Find a checkbox by its attributes, Check a checkbox is checked or not and check a checkbox. Their are some related tricks.

Find checkboxes:
$('input[type="checkbox"]') (get all checkboxes)
$('input[name="mycb"]') (get checkbox named mycb)

Get checkboxes Attributes:
$('#myCheckbox').attr('name') (return name of checkbox)
(return true or false)

Checked or Not:
$('#myCheckbox').is(':checked') (return true if checked)

Check/Uncheck a Checkbox:
$('input[name="mycb"]').attr("checked",false); (uncheck named mycb)
$('input[type="checkboxes"]').attr("checked",true); (check all)

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