Saturday, December 19, 2009


: Attention
L : Life
E : Emergency
: Rush up

T : Think about it...!

Friday, 18-Dec-2009, about 9:00 am, in Rimpa Plaza, Karachi, Pakistan.....

There was load shedding our laptops bettry became low so we decide to take tea from outside. But when we came out from our office & go towards stairs some peoples were ran upstairs & said there is fire on 6th floor in a store-room exactly next over our office room. Some of our friends immediately rush up out from the plaza & the other were return to office & shift our laptops to our head office. In th mean time all channels team, police, rescue, ambulance, fire brigade reached & try to stop the fire as soon as possible. Thanks to Allah no one was injered except the 6th floor & the fire became cool after a great efforts. Then after Jumma pray we deside to go back to our home.

I think that was happened only due to poor security & safty precautions which should be taken by the Plaza owner.
And also office owners must have to choose those place to setup their business where all facilities are available like transport should available for (all) employees & similarly other facilities to face such accidents like on Friday.

In Karachi i think the best location to setup once business is from NIPA to Hassan Square because NIPA is the center to all routs.

There may be some English mistakes so please forgive it.


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